National action is needed for councils to tackle food's role in the climate and nature emergency

New research from Sustain finds that two thirds of Council climate action plans miss out food, despite food and farming contributing between 20-30 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions.

Ruth Westcott报告封面上的图像

Ruth Westcott报告封面上的图像


  • 只有13 92气候紧急计划释放by UK councils include policies to tackle food emissions at a scale needed
  • 即使食品和农业部门构成全球20-30%的排放量,三分之二(67%)的气候行动计划含有任何新的或实质性提案,即使食品和农业部门构成了20-30%的排放
  • 国家政府必须更多地 - 通过国家粮食策略和其他政策 - 或英国风险缺失国家和国际承诺处理温室气体排放
  • 解决食品排放的高级议会是布里斯托尔市,卡姆登,康沃尔郡,达勒姆,东罗岛,恩菲尔德,Hounslow,Lewisham,Middlesbrough,Stockport,Stroud District,Somerset West&Taunton和Southwark。

政府必须更多地为地方当局提供更多的资源和力量,他们需要改善食物和饮食以解决气候变化,据新分析from Sustain: The Alliance for Better Food and Farming.

November 16 marks what would have been the International Conference of the Parties in Glasgow (COP26), which has been postponed for 12 months following the Covid-19 pandemic. Without significant action to address our food system, the UK cannot meet its commitments to achieve net zero emissions.

Ruth Westcott, climate change campaign coordinator at Sustain, said

‘The vast majority of the public want to see more action on climate at change - at all levels of government - but at the moment, food is being missed out. Local councils understand how changes can be made to benefit and empower communities, whether that’s planting new orchards in flood-risk areas, making space available for urban fringe farming, allotments, serving local, seasonal and sustainable food in their local services and/or supporting markets and food enterprises. But this action needs to become widespread and commonplace.


农业和钓鱼,运输,食品加工和废物负责20.-30% of greenhouse gas emissions globally。As a major risk factor for未来的动物疾病以及栖息地损失的主要司机antibiotic resistance, our diets and farming practices combined are probably the greatest overall threat to the health of our planet.

英国74%的理事会(300)have declared a climate and nature emergency; acknowledging an urgent crisis and committing to taking steps to address it. 92 councils appear to have published a strategy to set out how to do this. All 92 publicly available action plans were analysed for how comprehensively they include plans to tackle food-related greenhouse gas emissions. Of those analysed, only 13 include significant actions across a breadth of issues to address food-related emissions, meaning that the vast majority of councils - even though most have declared a climate and nature emergency - are not tackling food in a way needed to achieve net zero, or indeed restore biodiversity, halt deforestation and prevent antimicrobial resistance.



13 councils have shown that they can take significant action on food and the climate and nature emergency in a way that meets local needs, empowers citizens, and creates nature-rich green spaces. But more work is needed to make this the norm:

公共部门的良好饮食必须在国家一级标准化。目前它是例外,使实施变化更加困难。需要强制性标准,用于在水果和蔬菜中提供膳食,在公共部门的超加工食品中低水量的食物和肉类低。此外,它需要更容易(和常态),以提供更好的肉和乳制品 - 包括来自较小企业的有机,牧场和自由放养和局部采购的生产。

Councils should be given more resources and support找到当地解决方案来设计食品垃圾,植物树,安装饮水机,以及一系列其他行动,以削减英国的气候影响

规划政策必须允许当地地区保护和增加可持续食品的土地william hill中文网站威廉希尔中文网站

威廉希尔中文网站支持's work on the climate and nature emergency is kindly supported by Thirty Percy, Esmee Fairbairn and the Samworth Foundation. Sustain is a co-founder of the威廉希尔中文网站william hill中文网站可持续的食物场所网络,与食品事务和土壤协会一起运行,支持全英国60多种食品伙伴关系。







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