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Expert coalition urges ministers to abandon ‘behind closed doors’ trade policy and include public health and green voices on its trade commission.



Embargoed 00.01, Friday 27 November

A new report published today warns that the UK government has already weakened protections around food imports and is failing to consider the impact of trade on public health, animal welfare and the environment with adequate rigour or transparency.

保障标准report from the Future British Standards Coalition (FBSC) has found that UK ministers have given themselves significant powers to change the rules on food imports without parliamentary votes or proper scrutiny [1]. Rules governing the use of hormones and food additives are now easier to change, while standards on the use of antibiotics in farming have already been deleted [2].

With the government resisting strong public pressure to commit in law to maintaining import standards, fears have persisted that lower standard food could in the future undermine UK farmers and find its way into schools, hospitals and care homes [3]. Countries with whom the UK is negotiating allow concerning production methods: a 2018 outbreak of super-resistant Salmonella in the United States was linked to the overuse of the antibiotic Azithromycin in cattle, while Australia uses 71 more pesticides with direct links to long-term health damage, including birth defects, cancer and hormonal disruption, than the UK [4].

这report argues that maintaining high import standards would enable the UK government to build new markets for domestic farmers, potentially drive up international standards and help countries in the Global South increase exports while improving environmental conditions and animal welfare [5].


虽然FBSC欢迎扩展委员会,但它不相信目前TAC的会员资格 - 专注于农业和业务 - 与政府的原始承诺相匹配“确保公众的声音......听到”[6]。同样,联盟指出,该国秘书将从议会组建议会上谘询谁,并仍将能够根据其调查结果推迟而不是拒绝贸易交易[7]。


Kath Dalmeny, chair of the Future British Standards Coalition, said:

“UK consumers have consistently rejected the prospect of poorly produced food that hurts people, the planet and animals. The government needs to show the public it is listening and taking advice from a wide range of experts. It should start by appointing a Trade and Agriculture Commission that reflects a proper range of expertise and ditching this behind closed doors approach to negotiating trade deals.”

租客农民协会首席执行官George Dunn说:

"The unity of voice across farming, environmental, animal welfare and public health groups underlines the imperative that UK Government doesn't drop the ball in reaching trade agreements which undermine domestic food production standards. Extending the tenure of the Trade and Agriculture Commission will mean nothing if it is toothless, side-lined and ignored. Now is the time for the Government to show that it is indeed determined to deliver its General Election Manifesto commitment to protect standards in trade."



关于Future British Standards Coalition (FBSC)曾是在2020年9月建立要考虑政府在贸易方面的食品标准方面,担心新贸易和农业委员会没有代表全方位的公共利益。

威廉希尔中文网站维持和更环保的英国寻求形成具有动物福利,生物多样性,气候变化,公共卫生,消费者保护,农业和贸易法的专业知识。这FBSCpanellists are: trade academic Dr Emily Lydgate, Lord Randall of Uxbridge, Baroness Boycott, and representatives from the RSPCA, Faculty of Public Health, Pesticide Action Network UK, Tenant Farmers Association, Landworkers’ Alliance, WWF, PS100, and Compassion in World Farming. Its secretariat is provided by Greener UK and partners, and Sustain.



[2]“对英国农场动物使用抗生素的限制”被淡化,以帮助Brexit美国贸易协议“,Mail on Sunday, 16 August 2020.


Meanwhile, catering and public health experts have expressed serious concerns about public procurement, with fears that major fast food restaurants now have a better approach to sourcing their ingredients than some parts of the public sector. Concerns also extend to restaurants: over 40% of household food expenditure in the UK goes toward catering services, such as restaurants, which are not required to label the provenance of their ingredients. (See Safeguarding Standards, p. 6).

[4] Safeguarding Standards, p. 5; and Toxic Trade,潘英国,维持和艾威廉希尔中文网站米丽博士lydgate,6月20日,p。16。


[6]“贸易和农业委员会会员资格”宣布,国际贸易部, 10 July 2020; ‘Truss formally launches Trade and Agriculture Commission’,国际贸易部, 27 July 2020.

[7]在准备该报告时,国务卿可以向国家秘书的任何人寻求建议认为是独立的,并有相关的专业知识。(见:与自由贸易协定有关的报告,Agriculture Act 2020).

[8] The FBSC maintains that the easiest way to keep out lower quality products such as those treated with growth hormones and dangerous pesticides is through reference to such standards across primary legislation and with full parliamentary scrutiny over trade deals and changes to standards.



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